Publicado en May 13, 2013
The hour wait to see her nervous smile
there she is elusive and infinite in His beauty
with eternal and mischievous smile and twinkling eyes
to let me admire it in all its glory
finally get my coveted appointment wants to know more about my
just thinking it I could eat all day.
My heart beats with his presence agitated
I could not stop looking at her intoxicated by her beauty
our eyes meet again and again ceaselessly
the intention to see the mystery of the shadow of doubt
would hold her hand and tell her how I love her
I decide me and my words are whirlwinds of desires.
I want to break to settle sweetly on her it
blush, her eyes shine like stars in the night
approaches, hear his words like a sweet melody
I close my eyes, I can smell her body against mine as
placed his warm hand, small and soft on my face
I feel my heart beating in my temples and kisses me.
Deposit the sweetest kiss that never existed before
answered my mouth and feel the wetness of her tongue
my hands caressing her body take her tiny waist
playing with my hair, I do not want to pass up
it provokes feelings that we know existed
Finally in this room are women against women.
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Palabras Clave: Woman against woman

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May 18, 2013

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