Publicado en Apr 22, 2013
Even if your parents were born princess were no kings
discussion that took months to wear name
and without knowing your preferences or what would you choose to be your
could not choose a better name to put on Iris
For as the rainbow in colors you filled us
red because you're a woman full of enthusiasm
you transmit that passion with us spread,
orange because being with you is to feel the sun
makes us feel that we are in constant party
yellow delivery because you have teens,
Green With that you give us hope to live,
blue and appreciated your selfless friendship
and the violet color is true aristocracy
calm that you give to your friends that we are.
And the whole world will say that first of all you are a woman
although some may not understand the emotional absence
men in your life and if other women like you
this man admires you, loves you and values your friendship.
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