A complicated topic (English)
Publicado en Jul 10, 2014
For the last months, Ukraine has been in the spotlight of the eyes of Occident. The country has been divided into pro-European and pro-Russian sides. To my mind, people should have the right to decide, even if it implies the scission of the country. However, there are many conditions that we just can't ignore.

First of all, the problem began with a pro-European revolution on Ukraine, a fact that alerted Russia, which has important economic interests in the country, mainly in Crimea. After that, Russian army invaded Ukraine and the people who wanted Ukraine to be a part of russia rose up.
That situacion has complicated the relations between the European Union and Russia, and moreover because V. Putin is not going to yield in his politics.

In conclusion, I think there are only two ways to solve the conflict: The war or the dialogue. That's why I think that the Ukrainian citizens have to decide their own future, both Europe and Russia should support and respect the right of the Ukrainian people to choose the destiny of their homeland. Though it is obviously not so easy.
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Giving my opinion about the conflict in West Europe, which is far to be solved.

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