Mirror, Mirror
Publicado en Jan 22, 2017
Mirror Mirror
What are you looking at?
What are you looking for?
What are you waiting for...
What have you become
You have changed so much
You are not what you used to be
You are breaking me apart...

Mirror Mirror
What's wrong with you
I see no light
No will
No soul
You are bleeding from your cracks
Made by the time and the living
Pieces of you fall to the ground
Fall from the sky
Fall from my heart
Fall to my feet
Breaking my mind

Mirro Mirror
You are raining over me
I can't understand
The image you give me
That reflexion seems so strange
So foreing
You have to be lying
That... can't be me

Mirror Mirror
Why do you do this to me?
What did I do to you?
What did I do...
To me

Mirror Mirror
Time has come and go
With the flow I did that too
And nothing remains the same
My voice, my thoughts, my feelings
My eyes are not the same
My face full of scars
My body broken and scared
My soul lost long ago
My mind hidden for so long
All of this trembling being
Tries so hard to reach your heart

Mirro Mirror
Give me a sign
Tell me a secret
Say my name
For I can't recall...

Mirror Mirror
If you do so
I will give you everything
I'm done
I give up
I'm yours if you're mine

I am mine...
I am

Mirror Mirror
Please hang on
Don't break just yet
And please don't let me down
You can do better
I can live for you
I will live for me
And I swear to god
With all my heart that you can't see
With all my trembling
Scared being
With all the love I've never had
With my naked body
And my rainy eyes
I will put your pieces together
I will clean your wounds
I will look at you
And I will love you
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I swear

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