It all started by me listening to you.
Publicado en May 05, 2014

It all started by me listening to you. Everything i've done is for you to actually see i really care .
Since the first day you are my number one priority, i have learn a lot about love and cheesy things, i mean things i couldnt imagine before, me saying i love you to someone other than my mom i mean that would never happen before you.
it all started by me listening nto you, i remember it all so crazily well, your voice made me fall just by closing my eyes and paying atencion i were yours and i wanted you to be mine.
Lets go take a minute and say why i am writing this to you, right now.. and its all because you made me fall only with your voice, and then it came the smile, the simple way of you to make me blush, your jokes, your caring , you. It all started by me listening to you, and i hope it never ends cause darling you are my world.
More than gold, you are my all. Keep talking in the silence i will hear you still.
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